Chuck Crull: Lead Vocals, Acoustic
    Guitars, CEO

    I Started singing at a very young age and got my first
    guitar when I was 9 years old.  Since then I have had
    many influences such as Ronnie Milsap,  Garth Brooks
    and Waylon Jennings.  I started The Blue River Band
    back in 1994 and I have been fortunate to play with
    some of the finest musicians Indiana has to offer. Since
    forming the band, we have played many different clubs
    in many midwest states and have opened for a number
    of national acts. I am particularly excited with the current
    line-up, every gig just seems to be better than the last,
    Most importantly, I have met the love of my life in Blue
    River, my wife Renee, who fronts the band with me. I am
    very excited to see what the future holds for us, only
    time will tell!!  Until then I will do what I love to do as
    often as I can, entertaining the crowd.........
    Renee Crull: Lead & Backing Vocals,
    Awesome Tamborine

    I started singing in church with my best friend Tonia at
    the age of 5. I tried out for the Nashville scene when I
    was about 18, entered many contests and found out
    what a tough, business it was.  So I shifted from singing
    to writing for many years until I heard about the Colgate
    country showdown contest. So I entered only to get beat
    once again, but that loss turned out to be the biggest
    win of my life! I met and joined the most amazing group
    of musicians, “The Blue River Band”. Here I found the
    worlds best coach, Chuck Crull. He taught me so much
    about being a performer I just had to marry him. So now,
    not only do I get to perform with my best friend, but we
    also get to perform my songs which is just an added
    bonus to this amazing ride we are on.  
    Joe Z Thompson: Lead Guitar

    Joe was born and raised in Noblesville, IN and started
    playing guitar at age 13.  Early musical and guitar
    influences ranged from Billy Gibbons to Ted Nugent to
    Jimmy Hendrix!  His current influences include Charlie
    Starr (Blackberry Smoke) and Laur Joamets (Sturgill
    Simpson).  Joe grew up with country music and is true to
    his country roots, including an impressive collection of
    Fender Telecasters!  His gear is all pro, from his
    collection of Fender Telecasters, Wampler pedals, multi-
    effects, to his Dr Z amps.  Another very cool thing about
    Joe Z Thompson:  He is a marine veteran who served in
    the Persian Gulf War.  
    Glenn Rush: Keyboards, Guitars, Backing

    I was born in New Jersey and as a guitar player, I have
    been in more bands than I can count playing in the New
    Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, and now
    Indiana areas. When I was 13 I joined my 1st band and
    since then I have been strongly influenced by the likes
    of the Beatles, Brian May of Queen and Jimmy Page f
    Led Zepplin just to name a few.  I picked up playing
    keyboards in the mid 80's and have been playing Keys
    and Guitar ever since. I have never played much
    country music before Blue River, but the songs are
    great, the fans are nothing short of magical, and my
    band mates are...... well what can I say, they are the
    best!! Blue River has been the most fulfilling musical
    experience of my life. Stay tuned for the best is yet to
    Scott Hudnall: Bass Guitar

    Blue River Band's bassist Scott Hudnall grew up
    listening to the likes of Cash and Haggard.  After years
    of fronting a band playing originals and covers in the
    80's and 90's, he welcomed the opportunity to get back
    to his music roots with Blue River Band in 2011.  "This
    is America's music. Good, honest music that touches
    hearts and lives - this is who we are."  Scott has worn
    many hats in his music journey, from front man to
    producer to promoter, but live performance and
    songwriting hold the excitement for him.  It's a perfect fit
    with Blue River Band!
       Ron Eastes:  Sound and Light Technician

Ronnie can best be described in terms such as
"strong  as  an ox" and "more faithful than a puppy."
He strives for the perfect sound and is the magic that
keeps BRB  sounding it's best.  Always bringing a smile
and a helping hand.  His dedication to Blue River Band
has been unwavering and he has the admiration of
everyone in the BRB family.   His wife Kat keeps him in
check and they are the perfect compliment to each
other, and to the BRB family.  
      Clay Wagner : Drums

      The newest member of Blue River Band, Clay Wagner
   brings a lifetime of experience growing up in a family of
   professional musicians to the BRB family.  Clay picked
   up the sticks for the first time when 3 years of age.  
   He's spent many years performing throughout the
   midwest,  playing mutiple genres including blues,
   rock, alternative, and country.  His experience includes
   songwriting and recording his original music. Clay        
   lists his drumming influences as Stewart Copeland,
   Kenny Aronoff, Steve Jordan, Jimmy Chamberlin, and
   Jeff Porcaro.